A slow Wednesday

This day is just creeping along minute by minute. I have a little work to do, of which I’m trying to stretch until the end of the day.

I had a post planned, but in reviewing when I got to work this morning, I neglected to update an important piece of it. So I’ll post it this evening when I get home.

I want a crabcake for lunch but I don’t feel like taking the walk. The past two days I’ve had two bags of chips and tea for lunch and I’m not sure if that’ll fly for a third day with my stomach. Oh well, I don’t feel like doing jack. I’ll sit here and complete this post, and eventually get back to work.

Radom thoughts:

*my weekend plans include:
Friday night – I’ll probably purchase or rent a video to watch while reading blogs and attempting to do my homework.
Saturday – walk the track, back home: relax, watch tv, clean, read my book, and then I have this event to attend from 6-9pm.
Sunday – walk the track, finish homework, relax, and prepare for work week.
* I need to cancel my acupuncture appointment for Saturday. I’ll call in a few weeks and make another appointment. At $85 a pop it doesn’t fit well in my savings plan.
* Oil change, I totally forgot….dang there goes my Saturday.
* dang I need to hit Costco up for some toilet paper and mini crabcakes, or maybe I can do that Sunday. But if my grandmother calls then I’d have to pick her up, hit the track then Costco. I’ll be mad tired.
* Call credit union and inquire about moving 401k into an IRA with them.
* I haven’t spoken with my niece in a minute, probably a week before my vacation. I miss her terribly. I called last night, but got no answer, note to self call again tonight.
* Make a payment on the NYC card……this dang on bill is nagging the heck out of me. I need to go ahead and pay them off.
* I really want to attend this event in September. I hope I can find someone to go with me.

Back to reading blogs.......

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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