Hello Friday…..

I’m so dang on glad it’s Friday it aint even funny.

This morning I woke up and the first thought was getting thru this day. But I couldn’t find anything to wear. I walked from one room to the next and down to the living room where the suitcases from the vacation lay open with it’s contents spilling over, and still couldn’t find a dang on thing to wear. Finally with 3 minutes to spare I grab a jean skirt and shirt from the closet. Then I grab the shoes, their old but oh so comfortable. But guess what, the heels are run down…..off they go. I grab my purse and tote bag, mentally checking that I have earrings in my ears and rings on my finger, cause if not mister is gonna have a problem. I get down the steps and back to the living room I go. I grab some Bermuda shorts from the suitcase and slip on a pair of awaiting casual shoes to complete the “laid back Friday go to work” outfit. I grab a green tea ginger ale from the fridge, the box of popcorn and my kraft cheese topper and throw them in my bag. And out the door I run.

I made it…….sure I’ll still be 10 minutes late…..but I was out the door and in my car by 8:25 am. And that’s a sure ‘nuff feat.

So here I sit at work, trying to prepare a list of the crap I have to do this weekend. I think back to my living room, and the mess it has been all week. So that’s the first thing on my list of items to tackle.
I cleaned the bathroom before we left, so that’ll be quick. I’ll just need to tackle the kitchen this weekend as well.

Now it hit’s me…….I read a blog this week with a schedule for cleaning. Let's see if I can locate that and put a spin on it to suit my needs...........
Saving Diva did a post entitled: Single Girls Guide to Cleaning this is something I could use. I'm married with no kids, so I'm sure I can use this tidbit of information.

Here's what I propose:

Saturday: Living room

Sunday: Kitchen, part one: wipe down cabinets, fridge, stove

Monday: Kitchen, part two: floors

Tuesday: Bathroom part one: shower/tub and toilet

Wednesday: Bathroom part two: sink and floors

Thursday: Main bedroom

Friday: Second bedroom

This plan might actually work. Of course not every task will need to be done every week, say for instance the kitchen cabinets. I don’t need to wipe those down every week. I can alternate between wiping down the kitchen cabinets and walls through the house. That might be the only thing I can get away from doing every week. Looks like everything else will need to be done on a weekly basis for me to maintain order. I wonder if the mister will appreciate this. I’m gonna prepare a nice fancy document, complete with a background and border, to put on the fridge so he’ll know what’s being done and when.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Eb the Celeb said...

I cant do cleaning everyday... I wake up early on saturday and do the whole house... thats how I was raised... now granted the kitchen is a daily task because you cook and have to wash dishes but that sparkling shine only gets done on saturdays...

how can someone who has a job and social life even take time out each day to clean something... I know by the time I get home during the week all I want to look at it my bed...lol, not a mop or broom

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