Microwave Popcorn and Hot Tea?

That's what I'm having for lunch. Doesn't sound like much does it.....but I needed something quick and easy to grab and this was my option. I could have grabbed a soda and some chips. But that meant spending money, and well I just check the account and ya girl done messed up her money again. So I have about 75 in the bank and mom's owe me for the purse she had me get for her while I was in Florida. So between these two amounts, I have to get to and from work, lunch, gas up the "betsy" mobile and any other minor expenses that come up.

Anyhoot......I'm so ready for this dayum work day to be over with. I can't wait to hop on the friggn train and get to my car. I don't have anything planned, it's just the idea of being in my car with the option of going someplace anyplace other than work!

But then that brings to mind a question/thought. We are hoping/wishing for time to go by, but then we look up and that time and some has passed us by. And the next thing you know the month is gone, year end is near and we are wishing for a portion of that time back. Maybe it's just me.....at any rate, I guess I'll just enjoy my little hour of lunch with my quick meal.

Hope you have/had a good lunch.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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