G’s wanting to be Gents???

I tuned into MTV’s new edition to reality/comedy/drama. They’ve decided to piggy back on the Charm School idea, with a club for men as the participants this time. As usual there will be tasks and challenges for them to compete. And the winner who has made the transformation from G to gentleman wins $100,000.

Fonzworth Bentley is the host with the task of deciding which of these creeps I mean G’s has made the transition to a Gentleman. And he admits he has “a lot of work to do”.

The nut cases I mean G’s participating include: Creepa, Cee, Truth, D Boy, Kesan (he reminds me of Snoop from HBO’s The Wire), E6, Shaun, T-Jones, Mikey P, Shotta, Zenel, J Boogie, Pretty Ricky, and Stan. An interesting collection of guys.

There was a welcoming bar that the guys couldn’t get to fast enough. Popping bottles and drinking like it was water was how they spent their first few moments together getting acquainted. Pretty Ricky got abit overly tipsy. The group was led into a chapter meeting to be introduced to Rachel who would give them their prospective blazers. And Pretty Ricky drunkenly and loudly that she had a nice sized chest. After receiving their blazers the guys retire to the back yard for a buffet of food. Pretty Ricky need to rid his body of some of the liquor he consumed relieved himself on the side of the house.

At this point I’m barely paying attention. I really think these people are paid to perform. There were additional commotions between Truth and a few of the other guys which led to the other guys plots to make him the first to leave the club.

The last 20 minutes or so was spent determining which 2 guys would leave the contest. Each guy gets a sphere to use to vote on who they think should leave the house. The three guys receiving the most spheres are up for elimination, but the final say so in who’s out is soley the decision of Fonzworth. Up for the first elimination was “too much mouth” Truth with 5 votes, “silly looking” Pretty Ricky with 7 votes, E6 with 1 vote, and ‘thugnificent” Creepa with 1 vote. Creepa has the nerve to want the guy that voted for him for raise their hand and admit it…….*crickets*

In the end Pretty Ricky and Truth left “the club.”
I’m not sure if I’ll tune in again. But the previews ensure that some drama will erupt. If nothing else is on, I might tune in otherwise I’m sure I’ll find something else worthy of my attention.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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