Savings Goals……

Last week during my Florida vacation I transferred money from my savings to my checking to cover any spending during the week. And it looks like I didn’t spend it all. So I just transferred the balance back to my checking.

I started a good regime for saving the end of last year. But with switching jobs, it’s abit off. So now I want to be more aggressive in my savings. Developing a budget should really be my first step. I’ve never stuck to any budgets I set for myself so I’m gonna try it a different way. I’ll pay myself first, I’ll put a set amount in each of my two saving accounts every payday and then anything left after handling bills and other responsibilities with the rest will be split between day-to-day expenses such as lunch and putting into one if not both the savings accounts.

I think this might work. But I’m even gonna go a step further and add a savings goal. I would like to have my savings account function as my emergency, travel, and gift giving fund. I won’t set it to an amount I can’t attain. So I’m gonna say my goal is to add at least $1800 to the existing balance in my main savings account. I won’t add a goal for the second savings account as I only allot a small contribution every pay period.

I believe this is a sound plan to begin with. It’ll get my in the mind frame of the necessity for saving with today’s economic issues going on. Not too mention it could also serve as the start up money for sort of investment the top of the year.

It’s a bet….and it’s on…….a saving I go, a saving I go, hi ho ameri go, a saving I go!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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