Morning rip-off…..

I’m rushing around like I do every morning trying to get out the door to the metro to catch the train to work. Well imagine my surprise this morning to opening the door and finding that my car is no where in sight……..blank stare………

First instinct, dang someone stole my car…….so I walks over to where I parked it and there’s no broken glass……*crickets*……I go back into the house and proceed to find the non-emergency number for the police, can’t find that so I says, fugg it and dials 911, the line rings, rings, rings, rings, rings…..hold up did I call my mother or 911, so now a recording comes on telling me I dialed 911 and to not hang up my call will be answered by the next available operator……um, it’s 8:30, and for real all the operators are busy?......it rings, rings, and rings again……lucky for me I got a nice operator. I tells her “Betsy” has been stolen, no I don’t know the tag numbers, no I don’t know the VIN number, my name is____, my address is_____, and I’m calling from _____. Ok, let me find the insurance paperwork, got it, the VIN number is____, she’s checking.

Operator: Mam, your car was towed by TRP, their number is ----, it says for lack of parking permit.

Me: you mean to tell me, I pay a condo fee every month, but my car was towed, oh I know that’s not what you just told me, cause if that’s the case, it’s about to be on with my condo association. Please tell me I heard you incorrectly

Operator: I’m afraid that is the case mam. But here’s a number to file a grievance with the towing company if you were wrongfully towed.

Me: Thank you I appreciate your assistance

Operator: No problem, have a nice day

So I looks at the mister and asks him if he picked up the parking passes from the condo association that I told him about last month or so ago……*crickets*……”I don’t recall you saying anything about parking passes.”

So I calls the tow company to find out where and how much for my car. I’m told Forestville, MD and $150 cash or credit. So I’m like cool.

Tow man: when are you picking up your car?

Me (thinking, please no more BS today, I can’t take it) – today, are you only open at certain hours or what?

Tow man: you’ll need to let us know an hour ahead so someone will be there.

Me: ok not a problem I’ll call you back

Tow man: and the person needs to know if you’ll pay buy credit card so he’ll bring the machine to process the transaction

Me: Well I’ll be using a credit card

Tow man: just to let you know there might be a problem with processing the credit card.

(see this is the BS I can’t deal with, either you can or you can’t make a decision and stand behind it)

Me: so you don’t accept credit card?

Tow man: yeah, we accept credit cards, it’s just that there might be a problem with processing the credit card.

Me: well, why’d you say you accept credit cards if there’s a likelihood of a problem occurring with processing the credit card!

Tow man: Mam, I’m just letting you know that you might want to bring cash just in case.

Me: you might want to inform people cash only then

Tow man: I was just telling you, so you wont arrive and then have to drive to get cash.

Me: now that would be kinda hard, seeing as though you have me car don’t you think.

At any rate I gets off the phone with the confused tow man and mister goes to get ready for work and to take me to my car.

Yeah, I know this all could have been avoided if I just went and got the dang on parking tags. But see here’s the issue, I know I told mister. He pays the condo fees every month, why would I not tell him about the parking passes. He has days off during the week mind you when the condo office is open only 9-5 Monday thru Friday. So why would I keep that information to myself.

Anyhoo……three hours later and my purse 150 lighter, I’m here at work

Hope you are having a better morning/day.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


SavingDiva said...

I would be so pissed! The towing man probably would have hung up on me! I'm glad to hear that you got your car back.

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm with Savingdiva...I would have been soooooo pissed @ the mister. Glad your car wasn't stolen though!