My favorite part of the movie was the debate at Oklahoma City University, (the topic was “Should negroes be admitted to state universities”) and Jurnee Smollett’s response where she stated:
“My opponent says today is not the day for whites and coloreds to go to the same college, to share the say campus, to walk in the same classrooms, well would you kindly tell me when is that day gonna come, is it gonna come tomorrow, is it gonna come next week, in a hundred years? Never? Naw the time for justice, the time for freedom and the time for equality is always, is always right NOW!”

Sure there were some other moments that had me reflecting and thinking. But it was that statement that had me sit back and think. How true is that? Even today, with so much going on, African American males are 7 times more likely to be jailed for a crime that white American males are likely to receive a much different

And even more prevalent of that statement is as it relates to the possibility of an African American being next the president of the United States. Some have said that we are not ready for an African American president. But as Jurnee’s character stated in the movie and I quote: “the time for equality is always, is always right NOW!” Why are we not ready for an African American president? What makes not ready? And how do we prepare for an African American president. I point this out to merely state that we are in the midst of a historical moment.

Why do I think it’s time for an African American president? Well, so often when we look around to see a division of races is prominent. I see when I turn on my television, where there are countless shows with white characters and movies that portray the lives of whites in every walk of life. I see it in corporate America where there are mainly white males making executive decisions. I see it in politics where laws are being made by mainly whites, sure there are a few other races sprinkled here in there for the appearance of equality amongst all. But there is so little diversity. Or maybe it’s the movies I see, the companies I’ve worked for, the politicians I’ve seen???

Now by no means am I under any circumstances even alluding to the possibility that a black man as the president would be the answer to all that ails the African American community. I am merely stating that now is the time for change. And our chance at change is with Obama.

Make a difference, and VOTE!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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