Project Runway #5

I finally got a chance to watch the premiere of Project Runway. And of course I plan to tune in weekly for the new episodes.

The contestants are asked to join Heidi and Tim on the rooftop for a meet and greet. Bottles of Moet are popped and the bubbly is poured and the mixing and greeting begins. Seems like a fun bunch so far.

The next morning they are awakened at 4 am and asked to meet Tim in the lobby. Tim then leads to the site of the challenge. He reveals their first challenge is the grocery store challenge in which they are expected create an outfit from items purchased from the grocery store. Additionally, he reveals the guest judge as……coming across the street……..is none other than Austin Scarlett, season one’s winner for the grocery store challenge, he did a dress made of corn husk. Austin gives each designer an envelope with $75 and informs them they have 30 minutes to shop. And so the challenge begins.

Even though designers were encouraged to be creative and innovative, most still used table clothes as their fabric. The contestants and their dresses included:

Terri – mop head used to create a bustier/top, the red skirt was mad of table cloth, very creative detailing for the top; she should have used the same idea and made either an entire dress or a skirt to go along with the top

Blayne – made a bunny suit out of draw liners and some white feathery stuff coming up from the crotch area, he gets a C for effort, but he should have known Michael Kors and Nina was not gonna dig that

Joe – used pasta to make a tri-colored skirt and apple printed oven mitts to make the top, cute

Suede – blue and white checkered tablecloth with doggy bags as the trimming

Welsey – yellow tablecloth as the basis for his mini dress, he also used fly swatters and something else I can’t recall, cute from afar

Kelli – used vacuum cleaner bags dyed three different colors to make a flirty skirt and coffee filters to make the top, the midsection was something that had tack pins as the details…..now this was definitely one of my favorites, she put in a lot of work to exhibit the great details in this dress

Emily – not sure what material she used, but it was sorta white lace short dress with this mess of a collar; she said she used balloons to create some of the details in the collar, that’s probably what those different color thingys are

Stella – black cheap trash bags, she could have done a whole lot better, I probably could have done a better job with the trash bags, she just draped them and hand sewn them together.

Kenley – cute red bustier, not sure what it was made of, and a turquoise stripped skirt, the design of the skirt was creative, overall good job

Korto – yellow tablecloth with some sort of lettuce and tomatoes as the decorations on the top of one side of the dress, I really wasn’t feeling this at all, who wants to walk around smelling ruffage on the shoulder all day, but it was innovative, I guess

Leanne – used pink tablecloth to make a mini dress and used marshmallows and other candies in an attempt to cover up the table cloth, in the end it looked like watered down pepto bismol spilled on the model and sopped up with marshmallows

Keith – black and white checkered tablecloth halter top mini dress, not sure what he used to make the grey belt

Daniel – made a complete dress out of plastic cups, this was definitely both innovative and creative, the strapless dress had a sweetheart neckline and was abit form fitting
Jennifer – used paper towels to make this strapless layered mini dress, she gets a C for effort

Jerry – used a shower curtain to make a jacket and dress, Michael and Nina agreed this was a scarey get-up

Jerrell – I don’t know what he used in making this colorful and festive one shouldered mini dress, the top was the same pattern used by Kenley and the skirt portion was some white lace look stuff, reminds me of Hispanic party dress with the detailing around the top

The winner was Kellie and Jerry was the designer sent packing.

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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