Why DID I get married???

It’s a stormy Saturday night. And GOD is working it out…..it’d thundering like crazy outside. I’m gonna sit still til it’s done and over with.

But let me pop a movie in…..what shall I watch??? I have an enormous amount of videos to select from, but I’ll stick to what’s here in this bedroom instead of having to go to the other room or downstairs.

Since we are having little marital spat, how about Why Did I get married. I really like this movie, Tyler did a good job. I saw the play and enjoyed that as well.

I won’t do a bit by bit of the movie, I’ll just note my opinion here and there through out.

In generally, I love the idea of couples getting together annually for a group vacation. We tried it once and had a good time. We did a cruise to Florida, Mexico and Belize. Anyway back to the movie……

First opinion, why did Diane (Sharon Leal) not listen to Terry (Tyler Perry) when he bought it to her attention that she’s not being a very attentive wife and parent. I think we owe it to each other to make time at the very least on a weekly basis. Now I understand that both of their professions require a great deal of time and attention but so does their marriage. And frankly what they did to get one another they need to do to keep one another. An excellent point was made that sometimes we hear, but don’t listen

Second opinion, I had a real problem with Mike (Richard Jones) not wanting to sit next to his wife Sheila (Jill Scott) on the plane. And then he had the nerve to snicker when the flight attendant informed Sheila that she’d have to get off the plane. His exact words, “What? I’ve been telling her big azz for months now to lose some weight.” If I could have paused the movie when it was in the theaters……..that was the first indication that some serious topics were going to be tackled in this movie.

Moving on………………….Marcus (Michael Jai White) and Angela (Tasha Smith)…..I loved these two……Angela was seriously a ball of fiya on the train, she handled those gentlemen and their dog…….and that’s all I can say, beside this was the first indication I was in for some laughs curtsey of Angela.

Patricia (Janet Jackson) and Gavin (Malik Yoba) appearances are something else. These two look like the perfect couple. But of course perfection often alludes to deeper issues as with Patricia and Gavin.

Ok, so for real the reason for putting the movie is because I’m wondering why people get married.

I’m the first to admit I went into marriage with a preconceived notion of nothing but pure happiness. And my first year of marriage was anything but that. Approaching my third year, things have smoothed out a little. But we still encounter bumps in the road. So I often find my self asking, why did I get married.

I wanted someone to love me in the good times and bad times, winter, spring, summer and fall. I wanted stability, so when an unexpected event occurred, there’s someone that has my back. I wanted someone to have children with, one or two, no pets. I wanted someone to grow old with…….did I get married for the wrong reasons???

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