Weekend recap

Here I sit Sunday evening relaxing, trying to sum up my weekend. Here’s what I did:

Friday night – movies: Incredible Hulk, it was really good. But I suspect they are gonna try to make sequel; then we got stuck in traffic for about a little over an hour. We wound up have to turn around and drive back the way we came to get home.

Saturday – I hit the track, came home and sorta relaxed, cousin’s baby shower: it was cool,; got too see the younger cousins, one is 18 now…….gosh that was eye opening. All three bothers came thru, first the half comes strolling in, then the oldest came in and actually stayed, and the youngest was outside, although the baby and girlfriend came in. The mall to find something to wear, only to wind up wearing something I already had at home. Lastly to the club with hubby, it was nice the DJ was cool the atmosphere was nice and enjoyable, but I was tired as heck and ready to go home.

Sunday – picked up niece, went to see Kung-Fu Panda, it was a cute movie then to parents’ house for a short visit and then dropped niece off and now I’m back in the house. Wow a busy weekend.

So that’s a recap of my weekend. Now I need to get my homework done and prepare for this week. I will get my clothes ready for the weekend so I can possibly get to work in a timely fashion.

So let me get cracking…….

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