Weekend Plans…….

I don’t have much planned for the weekend. I’m gonna try being flexible and open should someone call.

Tonight I have an HOA meeting. I can see it now, I walk in there and they stop talking to say to me “this meeting is for owners” to which I’ll reply “I know, I read the sign just outside” and then they’d come back with “So, you’re an owner” to which my next response would be “My name is ________and I own ________. Would you like my driver’s license and social security numbers as well?” I can be such a smarty pants at times. But heck, some people deserve it.

Anyway, how’d I veer off subject just that quickly……….so hubby and I are going to rent a movie from Red Box, go to the movies or go grab a bite to eat. My mother insists that we try this place in Bowie called Texas Road House Grille. I looked them up online and the picture of the marquarita is what caught my eye. I like grown up beverages.

Now tomorrow is definitely a different story. I plan to hit the track (walking) about 9 am. Hopefully my wonderful mother will call and wake me up bright and early and I can get there by 8:30. Then I have an acupuncture appointment at 11. But after that I’m completely free. Originally I planned to go find a white outfit for Hubby’s family reunion shin-ding, but since he found something for me yesterday that’s off my list.

My father’s sister from Cali is coming in for the week. So maybe I will get the chance to see her. But she may want to spend her time with my grandmother, which is completely understandable.

And then Sunday, I planned to get my niece and we’d spend the day in the house watching movies. But who knows if that will work out.
Anyway, that’s what I have so far.

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