Whatcha gonna do with it…..

I told a friend that I finally started my blog. And the questions began with what are you going to do with it. I wasn’t exactly ready for that question. Then the second round of questions included how do I get people to come to my page. Again silence from me.

Initially I just wanted an outlet to vent about various things. You know random thoughts when I don’t have anyone to share with or talk to. But then I got to thinking…….maybe I should tackle a few topics here and there. Subjects that wouldn’t necessarily require me to do much in depth research.

So then the begin the next stage of thinking, what topics/subjects to cover. I’ve seen various blogs dedicated to personal finance, fashion, hair celebrity to name a few. So instead of being trapped in a box by only blogging about one specific topic, I’m going to venture on various things. My project over the course of the next week or so will be to comprise a list of various things I’d like to blog about. I have a few ideas, but by comprising a list I can reference when I’m at a lost for what to blog about.

I’m off to start my list…………

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