A Song for me????

So here I am in the house on a Saturday evening not doing much. I’m in a Donny Hathaway: A Song for You, kinda mood, so I get on google to find a video to upload to my page and there are a few options.

First up is Ray Charles with Willie Nelson – loving the piano being played by Ray Charles, but I’m not really feeling the country vocals in the beginning, of course Ray Charles ends the song wonderfully, but what other options do I have

There’s another one with Ray Charles by himself…….

A live performance by Usher…….he does I decent job. The link is unavailable for embedding. Next……

Beyonce is next with a live performance as well. She does a cool performance of the song.

Whitney, oh my………could it be? Yep sure nuff, it’s the old Whitney singing the song I want to hear………but an error when I attempt to load the video.

Lastly, there’s Donny’s version. Error again.

So ends my search for uploading a video for A Song For You.

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