Now what…….

I think I’ve run out of things to do. I’ve reserved books to pick up at the library. And I’m tired of looking at the time only to find out 5 minutes have gone by when it feels like an hour later. Time is really going too slowly for me, especially today. So now it 4 and I have another 2 hours to go. I wish there was a way I could pull out my book and read. Although, I could very pull out my journal and write, but who writes things down at work any more. That might be a give away that I’m not working on anything.

I can’t even do my homework, because I didn’t bring the textbook with me. Dang on thing is too heavy.

Oh, I can talk about that. I seriously believe the colleges and universities are receiving kickbacks from textbook publishers. Why the need to change books every year? Why not just publish supplementals that can be purchased for reference? But no, I had to go and buy this dang on $95 textbook, used no less, for only one semester. And there’s really no point in even considering resaling the book, since I won’t get more than 30 for it.

Having no work to do is seriously giving me the blues. I should have named this blog: Life’s Blues. That would have been catchy and so very true.

Dang, I’m hungry. I’d really like a crabcake. Ok, I’ll get carried away if I start talking about food so let me end it here.

I wonder how many blogs I am subscribing to via my google reader. Let’s check now……112 dang……that’s a lot. No wonder I don’t get much done when I get home, I’m busy reading blogs. But this evening I think I’ll roller set my hair. Sporting a ponytail in the summer is really not a good look for me.

Talk about rambling......I went from food to blogs and on to hair.

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