I decided

That I’d pass my time here at work by window shopping on the net. I’ll find items I’d like to have either personal, for hubby or for my house, and post a pic and the url so I’ll have a record of what I want for future references.

So yesterday I called up Best Buy to purchase an extended battery for my laptop. The dang on thing costs dang on near one fifth of the cost of the laptop itself……but I’ll be able to use my laptop when I travel without having to worry about the battery. So hubby and I can watch a movie on the plane or while driving………..

Additionally, I purchased these:

(remember I'm new at blogging, so I haven't figured out exactily how to post pics just yet)

I saw them in the Nine West store in Wheaton Plaza, but they didn’t have my size. So I finally went on line and ordered them. I got black, of course. Nearly 80 percent of the shoes I own are black. I’m gonna try to be adventurous one of these days. But hey, I’m really conservative. I’m not much of a risk taker wear fashion is concerned, I’m merely a bystander rooting from the sidelines.

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