The Dinner Scene - Why Did I Get Married

OMG……the dinner scene was so dang on explosive……..imagine being at the dinner table with friends and then being told your so called friend is sleeping with your husband……..you find out your husband had a DNA test on your child because he wasn’t sure it’s his child………you husband finds out you had your tubes tied after your first child……….you find out your husband blames you for your child’s death in a car accident…………you find out your husband has VD.

I can’t imagine being in any of those situations. There’s no way I’d overlook my husband getting cozy with any woman right under my nose. No need for a DNA test, cause I’m reassuring him every chance I get that we are a family and he is needed. Being blamed for my child’s death wouldn’t have occurred either, as I’d have my own guilt to deal with. And lastly, my husband having VD, I wont even go there.

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