Gas expense results

1/2/2008 through 6/23/2008.......................$1,078.49

My total is $1,078.49………..that’s a lot of money spent on gas. But I pay the price, because I like to drive. I like going to the mall. I like driving all the way to Arundel Mills to the Walmart versus going to the one in Landover Hills, which is a little less than 2 miles from where I live. How crazy is that? Hubby is always saying how it’s a waste for me to drive past one store to get to the same store on the other side of town. But hey, I likes what I likes…..

Now let’s see what else can I work on with all this down time on my hands…….Oh let me break down that total to months and chart the results and then do a comparison……..yeah, I have that much time on my hands……

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Opinionated Diva said...

Breaks down to about $45 weekly...that's not too bad right? Still...listen to the hubby and go the two miles versus all the way at the other end of town.

By the way it has taken me some heavy duty grunt work to figure out who you are. You should leave your link when you leave me a comment.