A visit from Mister

Mister came up today to bring me some bottled water. I often pester him about coming to take me to lunch on his days off. He complains about parking and that’s usually the end of it, for that day. Well Monday he said he had the day off and I suggested he bring me some bottled water to keep in the office. I catch the metro for the most part, so it would be difficult for me to carry even two packs of water on the train and then the short distance to walk to my building. At any rate he gave in to my request and brought me some water Monday, but it was the wrong one and he graciously returned today with the correct one. When I got in the lobby and walk towards the door, I saw him standing outside and I couldn’t help but to grin big as day. I so luv seeing him waiting for me, it just warms my heart. And of course he wants to know why I have the big “kool-aid grin” on my face. So I tells him and he blushes. It’s tiny things like this that makes me so glad to be know and have love in my life.

For all that talk about him getting on my nerves, the countless disagreements and arguments and despite his unwillingness to cater to my every whem, I LOVE MY HUSBAND. I'd marry him all over again, I'd probably extend the engagment but I'd still marry him all over again.

Love is wonderful.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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