Jackpot – What would you do?

What would you do with 30 million after taxes? That is an interesting question and I’d really love to be in that situation and having to make a decision.

First off, I’d take a major vacation, just hubby and I. I think it’s long over due and we both deserve it. Then we come back three weeks later and handle business. I wouldn’t quit my job immediately, seriously. I’d wait until I’d made all the appropriate decisions on what and how to do with the money. The key to ensuring that your winnings last is management. I’d find a very capable attorney, accountant and financial investment manager.

As far as investing, I’d really like to get into real estate. I’d probably purchase a few apartment buildings. This would help generate income. Of course I’d buy myself, I mean hubby and I, and family members homes. Or I’d give them money towards down payments. And I’d also have a widely diversified investment portfolio to include the likes of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Each younger cousin, niece and nephew would get a CD of which they can’t touch until they turn 18 and gradate from high school. And for those willing to continue on to college or trade school, I’d be more than willing to help them financially. But that would come with a price of volunteer work.

I’d also like to start a foundation. I want to give out scholarships to underprivileged youth to attend college. But I’d also like to have some sort of community out reach program that builds playgrounds, starts after school and summer programs. These are the type of things kids these days need, we need to get them involved and keep them busy. Also on that list of out reach programs would be feeding the homeless and offering food to needy and low-income families.

One of the philosophies I try to live by is: To whom much is given, much is required. And with that in mind I’d make large donations to various non profit organizations and churches. My first hefty donation would be to the Hospital for Sick Children in DC. My niece has Downs Syndrome and when she was an infant she spent some time at this hospital. So I’d damn near by them a new building. It hurt my heart to see all those kids in there. There’s nothing like a child’s smile and laughter so I’d be on a mission to make it possible to have more kids smile and laugh.

Oh, I can’t leave out my friends. So I’d throw a girlfriends party, or maybe plan a trip of course picking up all the expenses and have them write down what they’d want and I’d accommodate their request, to a certain extent……LOL

As you can see giving is really a part of my core being. I think it is so important to give back and that is how things should be done. It’s how it all starts, come to think of it. Mother and father give of themselves to create a being.

At any rate, this whole post was inspired by the book I’m reading: One in a Million by Kimberla Lawson Roby. The main character wins the mega million jackpot and has just been told by her accountant that she’ll probably clear 30 million after taxes.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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