Shop shop.........

Do a little work, make a little money, and go shop aight....ok so that doesn't really fit the tune I was thinking of: Do a little dance, Make a little luv, get down tonight.......

The date has been set for tax free shopping in DC. I'll have a few dollars, so I plan to pick up a few items to add to my wardrobe. Not too mention I could really use some new shoes. Yeah, I know the limit is $100, but I can make as many transactions. Oh my, I just had a thought, Filene's Basement here I come. I can get that new blue suit I've been meaning to purchase.

I think in preparation for this, I'll go thru my existing wardrobe and donate items too small or probably won't wear again. I typically donate at least twice a year, spring and fall. But I'm thinking I should try to do it more often, maybe once every season. The mister will have to get on board or else. I make every effort to get to the nearest GoodWill. But a friend bought to my attention that GoodWill sells the items I donate, so that's not much of a real donation. She suggests giving the items to church clothing drives and the likes. Problem with that is I rarely hear about them anymore.

Do you donate clothing?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Kayla said...

I donate clothing. It's either to Goodwill or the Veterans Association. I haven't donated any since I've been in the DC Metro area, (7 months) though. I have also given clothes to those I've come in contact with who were in need and to those who I knew were in need. Thanks for visiting my spot. Come again!