Outstanding check

So while on vacation the week before last, I needed to mail my mega million subscription, topic for another day. I inquired down at the front desk about a mailbox, to which I was told I could give the item to them and they'd mail it, so I gave them my stamped envelope addressed to the Maryland State Lottery. Well guess what, the check hasn't been cashed. Now what do I do? Do I call back to the hotel and ask the front desk staff to check for unmailed items, do I stop payment on the check? I'm clueless. Stopping payment on the check will cost me $25 so I certainly would hate to go that route. I guess I'd better call the hill billies at the hotel.

Listen to your gut, had I listened to my gut I would have found a mailbox and mailed my subscription myself. And not sitting here wondering what the fudge happened to my dang on subscription and check.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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