CNN hit or miss?

So I’ve prolonged the inevitably long enough. I posted last night that my satellite went out because of the storm so I missed most of the segment on the black woman and family. CNN will re-air that segment this weekend and I plan to catch it then. I do plan to tune in tonight for the segment on black men.

In my daily blog perusing I’ve come across mixed reviews of the show. And I’d like to first point out that my life experience as a black woman will definitely differ from the next black woman’s life experience. Having said that, I’d also mentioned that my intention was to watch it with an open mind and no expectations. And in what I read it seems most people went in with preconceived notations. Granted valid points were made in that 2 hours is not enough time to cover the black experience of a black woman AND family, and the attempt made by CNN in documenting the black experience was abit too broad and general. Some even criticized the particular people they choose to spotlight. So in general I gathered it was disappointing.
So I’m really thinking to myself at this point, can we really expect the media to accurately document what “our” experience is like? I mean did they report on what it is like for us to shop where we are followed thru out upscale stores in fear that we all steal? Did they report on our dining experience in more affluent restaurants where we still get seated in the back near the restroom or how long it takes for us to even get seated? Did they report on driving while black? Granted this might be more of an issue for black men than black women. Did they report on blacks being over looked for jobs? Oh, what about the presence of blacks in the military and that experience?

As you can see there are still many other experiences they did not cover. But again, I’ll attempt to put all that I’ve read out of mind when I watch tonight’s segment.

Will this be a waste of my time or what?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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