Weekend re-cap

I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I got some rest and relaxation. Here’s how it went down:
Friday after work I rushed to the metro to get my car to go to an HOA meeting, only to find that the meeting was Thursday not Friday. I had the days mixed up, I thought the 26 was Friday, yeah I look at a calendar damn near all day and it never dawned on me. I told you have my share of blonde moments.

Saturday got a wake up call from a girlfriend. We arranged to meet at the track for some exercise – walking. After that I had an acupuncture appointment and that went well. Then I just rode around, yeah I know crazy right. First I went to find this dress at Sears, no luck they didn’t have my size, I did however find a cute skirt. By the way I’m wearing it today………..Next up I wanted these flip flops from Kohl’s, but of course the store I went to didn’t have the size I needed. Then I found gas for 3.99 per gallon……so I pulled in and waiting the 20 minutes to get to a pump. I put in 33.26 and I only got ¾ tank of gas……..aint that some stuffing……..On to the beauty supply store to get this oil for my fro……but there were unexpected and unlucky stops at the Dress Barn and Famous Footwear. Last stop was the Safeway for some Sorbet and fruit bars. Home at last, where I relaxed, read blogs, and then popped in a movie see the last post.

Sunday: woke up early to call my grandmother to tell her I’d pick her up from church; Lifetime catches me every Sunday. This Sunday was ‘I Do” Sunday with wedding movies being shown throughout the day.

I got caught watching “Cake” which was about this young girl that takes a break from her traveling writing career to come home for a wedding. Her father has a heart attack the next night and she agrees to become the temporary editor for his wedding magazine. She loathes the institution of marriage and evident by the next release of the magazine, her first time editing. At any rate, she winds up falling for the company’s vice president, whom her father instructed to watch her every move. They wind up together in the end.

So I finally jump start my day and go pick my grandmother up, drop her off and then I head to the track. Now my mother is forewarning me that it’s too hot for walking the track. I brush that off, I have a goal and it’s to lose 15 pounds ASAP. I proceed to walk 5 laps in about 35 minutes and then I head on home for relaxation. But moms wants to head to Wal-mart and wants me to use my gas……..any way we hit the Walmart in Dunkirk and find some good stuff. I got two skirts, one shirt and a few household items to the sum of 65. Mother spends 125 and all I can remember is things for my step father’s bathroom for the winter……..
Lastly home again, where hubby is back and forth between the back porch grilling. I still have homework to complete and submit. Not too mention I need to wash, roll and dry my hair.

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