Where oh where is my summer fun?

The count day has begun. That’s right it’s 4 days til my birthday, and I finally decided what I’m gonna do. (Well kinda, I’m wishy, washy and will probably change my mind.) At any rate, I’m gonna head on over to the spa and get a massage, and/or body wrap and then have the feets worked on….yep I’m gonna try reflexology. And I can’t wait………this surely jumpstart my summer.

You see I believe how you start your summer is how your summer will end. In fact, I was reading my daily dose and I came across Beats, Rhymes & Life's spot, where he writes a letter to wanting some summertime fun. I’m so feeling the need to have fun filled summer as well. As mentions, his routine last summer mirroed that of my own where I go to work, go home and that’s it. Oh sure, hubby gets his party on at least twice a month, I'm usually in the house either reading a book or watching a movie. BUT NOT THIS SUMMER, I'm gonna party likes it's 1999.........LOL

So right here and now, I’m making a vow to live it up this summer. I’m gonna party, drink and have loads and loads of fun if it k.i.l.l.s me……..LOL

Here's to a fun filled summer!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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