Please tell me how do you leave a child in the car unattended ?

I'm checking my reader, cause you know I don't have much work to do, so I'm always looking for interesting post from fellow bloggers..........anyhoo, I come across this very disturbing story. And since it's local I had to think about it. This really cause me to lean back in my chair and shake my head.

Now I'm not a parent, but I've had kids in my care that ride with me to run errands. My niece namely, cause I love spending time with her, so I usually drag her along with me. And I'll admit there have been a few times where she's fallen asleep and I get out of the car at my destination and I almost forgot she was there. But lucky for me, I've made a habit of checking my backseat before I leave the vicinity of my car regardless of where I am or who I'm with. It's just a habit. When I go to the gas station with her in the car, I roll the window down near her so I can talk to her while I pump gas.

But under NO circumstance can I see reason to leave my niece or any child for that matter in a car. There's no such thing as a quick run in and out of a store, so she can stay in the car. Cause yall don't know my niece, 8 and all she would have my car in a ditch some where cause she crawled into the driver's seat and attempted to act like auntie......

I am having such a hard time attempting to understand how a parent could leave ther child in the car. This disturbs me on so many levels. Every summer we hear case after case where a parent left a child in the car when it's hot as heck outside. Even if heat wasn't a factor, why would you leave a child in the car alone? And this poor child was only 14 months.

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