So HE, is really getting on my nerves. He pulls out my laptop last night:

Me: Whatcha doing?
Him: I need to use the laptop.
Me: what’s wrong with the desktop?
Him: it didn’t work for the sites I needed.
Me: what sites?
Him: yahoo e-mail
Me: *blank stare*

So he’s gonna use my laptop to open e-mails that might potentially f*ck up my computer. The very same computer he had a problem with my purchasing. Ok, I’ll be cool. So he gets in the bed and is doing whatever. Then next thing you know he’s calling someone, I’m like who da hell you calling this late. “My mother, she needed me to check something for her.” So why the heck you aint say that in the beginning. I know you’re thinking what does that matter. The problem is that he says one thing and does something totally different. You specifically said yahoo, and made no mention of any other sites. But here you are on the phone and visiting other sites.

We’ve had this discussion on countless occasions. I bought the laptop because I was tired of having to fight him to use the desktop. Oh yeah, cause I wanted to be lazy and lie in bed and do my homework. Then I still had to fight to get online to post my homework, so I got dsl. Now all he wants to do is use my laptop. Sure there’s a problem with accessing yahoo e-mails, but why don’t you look into resolving the desktop issues instead of creating new issues by using my laptop.

You’d think I was the only child. But on the contrary I’m the oldest of 2.5 and the only girl. And yeah I can be quite spoiled and selfish at times.

What happens if the laptop is compromised and is the subject of some hackers and viruses? Yeah I’m afraid of that stuff.

And I’m venting about this now, cause I just got off the phone with him and he’s at work. But you told me you had the day off, now all of a sudden you are at work. So the topic of me going to sleep on him last night comes up, and I’m like you said you were checking e-mail and next thing I know you on the phone doing who knows what. But I’m supposed to stay up with you? Whateva. And by the way if something happens to my laptop, you paying for the maintenance even if it includes you buying a whole new laptop.

Him: But how would you know if it were my using it that caused something to happen
Me: oh so now you want to break it down to the specifics, whateva
Him: whateva what?
Me: whateva
Him: what’s whateva
Me: this is a discussion for another time.

Yeah I know the answer to all of this is to either tell him to not use my laptop or purchase the software to protect it. So I’m now looking into software to purchase at his expense!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Dominican Enigma said...

hmm.. maybe you're being a tad bit hard on him. lol

Brendan said...

Of course, the writer is totally fair.
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