Oh I how I love thee…….Direct Deposit

I started this job just a short time ago, and one of my first questions was concerning my first paycheck and it’s availability for direct deposit. There’s usually a delay because of the necessary paperwork involved and the different banking institutions. But “dd” usually takes affect within three pay periods. Luckily for me it didn’t take that long, my first check was “dd” and I was ecstatic. See, I despise going into banks. Don’t get me wrong, every now and again there’s a need to walk in and speak to someone. But for the most part, my preference is to bank online. So having direct deposit works best for me.

I like not having to wait inline to deposit my earnings. Not all tellers are nice and work efficiently. I’ve had my share of tellers experiencing bad days. And then if payday falls on the weekend, guess what my money is there usually that Friday; sometimes a day before the actual payday. Another plus to “dd” is worry free payday when on vacation. It never fails; a payday comes while we are on vacation. But it’s no concern for either of us since as long as there’s an atm and we have a card, we have access to our money. And banks love direct deposit as well, since they usually offer discounted banking accounts if you utilize “dd”.
I simply heart direct deposit.

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Just_Wondering said...

Ohhhh I love love love direct deposit. I also stared a new job and let me tell you i got my money so fast I was shocked. I also have tons of bills automatically taken out of my account! People think its unsafe but let me tell you that money aint mine (Its only a certian amount) it's for the BILLS lol so when the direct deposit comes in the bills are being paid quick and on time!