What was I thinking/New idea or approach

One of my nieces’ and my grandmother celebrate birthdays in February. I certainly can’t get away with not spending any money. At the very least I’d have to get a card for each and shell out some money to my grandmother.

Oh snap, how’d I forget about Luv-Luv Day. I might be able to get away with just purchasing a card. After all, I’m sure he’d appreciate my making him a home cooked meal. But I’d have to cook something out of the ordinary, like steak or lasagna or pork chops. Let me think about it.

If all else fails, I can at least say I tried and go with March as a no spend month. Dang, my mother’s birthday is in March so that wont work either. April is my father’s birth month and May is youngest brother’s birthday. June might be promising…….LOL

Here’s another idea……what if I do 7 days a month of no spending. That would equate to 84 days, which is way more than the 28 days in February.

Houston I think we’ve got a plan. I’ll certainly post my results.

Happy Wednesday!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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