Day 4/5 spending

Yesterday's spending totaled that 90 bag of dry popcorn.

Hubby called and ask if I could pick his mother up from the hair salon, so rushed from work to pick her up and then headed on home. Spending not a hot dime.......YAY!

Day 5, not so lucky so far. I accidently left my lunch on the stairs. So I had to purchase something. I settled on two bags of chips from the vending stand for a total of 1.50

Hopefully, I'll make it straight home and end the day with no spending.

Weekend plans:
watching tv, resting, reading, and watching The Wire.
A cousin is having a 50th birthday party, so I might swing pass there for a sec or two.
Oh dang I have to hit the bank tomorrow.....not at all bad since the deposit will go straight to my major credit card.

Double snap, I need to hit the library and pay my fines and see if I can extend the due date on the books I have.

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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