Carpet Estimate

I don't think I mentioned that I finally got an estimate for some carpet. Last Thursday I was on a mission with my errands, so I breezed through this carpet place near one of the grocery stores and selected a few samples I wanted to see and get an estimate on.

They came thru Friday night and the price was jive decent, first quote was 937 for the living room, stairs and the hallway up stairs. Then the estimate guy got on the phone with boss man that gave a better price of 800. I ask the question how long, how soon and if there's a deposit.

The deposit was deal breaker cause they wanted half upfront......I didn't think they'd require that much. At any rate Hubby wanted to compare against another store. So he goes in to Home Depot and the carpet is like 5 - 7 per square foot or something like that and he was given a quote of 1300 for just the living room.

So take a stab at where we are right now........yep, no carpet or prospects on the horizon. But I'm not fretting. After my no spend month, I'll go back to the first place and see what they talking about and how soon they can come and get it done.

All that to say, that sometimes the first offer is the best offer.

Happy Tuesday people.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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