Sucker Punching Debt

With my attempting to not spend this month, I’ve decided to allocate extra monies to pay down some debt. I just made an extra $100 payment to my major credit card and next week I plan to make an large payment on the one store credit card I have. The minimum payment is $30, well I’ll hit them with a $100 payment instead. I’d really like to pay that one off by June or July at the latest.

One might ask have I put any extra in my savings…..well grasshopper I sure did. You see I’ve adopted the motto of paying myself first. So before I pay any bills, I transfer money to two savings account. One I have no access to unless I go into a branch, which is a MAJOR inconvenience for me.

Well I’m off to find other ways to K/O my debt.

Happy Savings!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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