Day 2 spending

I made it, 2 down 26 to go......I didn't spend not a penny today.

Hubby and I went to dinner with friends, and he paid our portion. And I might have lunch tomorrow, depends on if I eat again tonight......LOL The Closer comes on at 12 and it might get good enough for me to eat again.

I watched some of "For the Love of Ray J" and man.......that show is so whack. Homegirl did a very provocative split and bounced and he kept her in the end. He doesn't want love he wants the money from the network and more groupies.

Now the second season of I Love Money is on........*shaking my head* at VH-1

Good night blog world.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Sha Boogie said...

Yes!! That Ray-J show was wack! I was equally pissed off that I even stayed awake to watch that foolishness, lol.

And uhm...yeah--me likey blog comments! :)