1st day of school - 2009

Today is the first day of classes. And guess who only has 1 of 4 books required for this semester. Yep you guessed it, it is I......no fret. The order was placed the top of last week and I've checked the status and the other 3 books should be here by Thursday at the latest. In the mean time, I began reading the other book. Did I tell yall the book cost 4.95 but the shipping was 6.95......where's the balance in that.

At any rate, HAPPY MONDAY!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


tiltedhalo said...

I'm taking 2 classes this semester - I'm still waiting on one of my books and it's an online class, so I'm getting behind. If it's not here by the 9th (which is the end of drop), I'm just gonna return it when I do get it and remember to never order from them again.

Yeah, shipping is ridiculous - I always try to find coupon codes for shipping.

What's your major and what classes are you taking? There's no way in this world I could take 4 classes, it's enough just taking two. LOL Good luck.

tiltedhalo said...

Scratch my last paragraph - I see you are an accounting major - can you do my algebra? LOL

laughing808 said...

@ tiltedhalo

I would e-mail the professor and let him know I was awaiting my textbook, he might be understand and lient was regards to deadlines.

My major is accounting, and the class I'm taking this semester is Contemporary Issues in Accounting.

The book I have so far was ordered directly from the school, so of course they offer no discounts. And ironically it was the cheapest. My order books were ordered thru Amazon. Generally, I check several sites to compare prices and shipping before I place my order and the school offered the better deal. Other sites had the book for 6-7 and $5 shipping.

Best of luck to you as well.