Weekend start

I was off Friday (yesterday) for a doctor's appointment. I wont go into detail about the hassle that took place there. But while in the vicinity I stopped at Bowie Town Center for a little shopping, despite my finances being funny. Barnes and Noble had the Get'em Girls cookbook, but I decided to wait for my funds to rebound before purchasing. Next up was NY & Co.......and I made it out of there without spending a dime.........I'm so dang on proud of myself.

Mister and I was supposed to have lunch, but his schedule was hectic, so back home I headed. I spent the duration of the afternoon perusing the internet and blogs before taking a short nap before The Game @8:30pm.

This morning I didn't get out of bed until 11am......and I really didn't want to get up then. But I figure I'd better start my day. And just as I'm about to kick the day into full swing my electricity went out. So I spent another hour and a half longing and eating sunflower seeds. I know, all that dang on salt..........well I called Pepco and the recorded message said my power would be back on by 6pm! So I was forced to take a candle light shower:

About an hour later the electricity came back on. So I turned on the TV, internet and computer and prepared for a day of perusing the internet/blogs. But then I needed to check my library to see if my books were available for pickup. And this was ready for pick up........:

Yeah, I know I said I was gonna purchase it, but since I still hadn't I decided to see if my local library system had it, and they did so I reserved a copy. I'm still gonna purchase a copy......

And I also picked up these:

So I will definitely have something to watch tonight and tomorrow. I'll return the movies tomorrow by 5 when the library closes. I'll probably do a review of each movie as well.

Anyway.........hope you are having a good weekend!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Product Junkie Diva said...

I was flipping through the get em girl cookbook. I may pick it up one day.