Lincoln Heights – recap

I don’t usually do tv show recaps, but last night’s episode of Lincoln Heights was really good and in the end I almost cried.

Lizzie was asked out on her first official date. She’s the youngest of the three Sutton kids, so of course her parents think she’s too young to go out on a date. However they change their minds with some convincing from Cassie, the oldest. But their agreement comes with rules, they wanted to know her every move, she had to stay in the community and she had to be home by sundown. Lizzie thought it was unfair and stomped off.

Her brother Tay is preparing some music with the help of his friend, Johnny. Johnny also has the biggest crush on Lizzie, so when Tay tells him she (Lizzie) is going out on her first date with someone else he’s crushed. Later on, he tells Johnny that Lizzie wont’ be going out afterall, because of the dating rules. Johnny being the dear friend he is tells Lizzie’s date the rules and for him to not clown her when she tells. When her date shows up, Tay records the moment on his video camera since his dad isn’t there. And Johnny escorts her to the door.

Charles’s boss has commissioned Cassie to paint a mural in her studio. Cassie witnesses some flirtatious moments and approaches Charles about it. He reassures her, she’s the only woman for him. But then Charles’s boss asks him to find his own space to continue to work because she needs the space for a bigger project. The boss tells Cassie a totally different story when she inquiries about Charles’ whereabouts. Later on, the boss propositions Charles and asks him to spend a night with her. In the end he agrees only to show up at her door at the designated time with Cassie to give back the tools, the keys to the car she lent him and to quit.

As the show ends, Lizzie is telling her mother and sister about her date when the father walks in and asks where the son is. He then calls out to the son and asks him to come in the room he had something to tell them. There was a hit and run accident and Johnny didn’t suffer………..

Dang, I teared up……….

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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I keep missing this show and I really like it...need to catch up online I guess.