Skank sat down! - ATL Housewives

I really didn’t want to waste my energy nor time on writing about this show. And I said I probably wouldn’t watch again, yet last night I was tuned in like a crack addict on payday! I am so ashamed.

Nee-Nee is the muse for the title of this post……..she got on my nerves last night with her coonery act when Kim invited her to come over and hear some songs. How is it Kim is supposed to be your girl, but you didn’t know she wanted to sing????? Yeah ok, we see how far yall go back, about as far as the last time you spoke with her on the phone, a few minutes. So Kim invites the gals to go see her psychic to have her palm read. They all go, but Sheere, Deshawn, and Lisa don’t believe in it so that wont have their palms read. Nee-Nee agrees to have her palm read and the lady spits some true stuff going on with her. Something about a letter and anger surrounding her. And then later on Nee-Nee just so happens to get a letter in the mail that has her questioning who her father is? Ummmmm Nee-Nee, I’m gonna need you to buy your self some sense…….that letter looks like it was written by a 7 year old, how valid could it be? And they mention your living status and your lack of financial support to them?

Sheere……what the hell? She comes off really stuck up. So Deshawn puts Lisa up to asking Sheere to participate in the auctioning at the fundraising event, to which Sheere responds, why didn’t Deshawn ask me. Then Deshawn calls and ask, but Sheere is too busy to hear the details???? Ok that’s possible, but then Deshawn states she’s not asking her again. And I don’t blame her, Sheere was present when the idea was brought up, so she should know the details…….Oh, and Sheere lends supports to her gay hair stylist Lawrence and attends some pageant with him. I won’t mention her asinine comment about not wanting to be someone’s ALL……..no wonder she’s in the mist of a divorce.

Kim, where’s that Cadi Escalade Big Poppa bought you last week? It wasn’t in the garage when you pulled out in your Range Rover? And Kim wants to adopt twin boys? Oh let’s not forget that she 29 and wants to be a country singer…….she evens gets a house visit from producing friend Dallas Austin.

Deshawn, did you really drop a 15k check at a mega church? WOW! She flaunts her wealth a little too much for me. I sure hope it lasts........

Lisa, well she seems to be the most down to earth of the gals. And I don’t have much to say about her from last night’s episode.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

just shows me how dumb folks are to make such a show and even watch it - we arer truly loss

Days like These! said...

DeShawn is my favorite so far. Maybe because she's so quiet. You know quiet people are CRAZY right? LOL

Amos said...

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