Thursday 13; 14th edition – MY reasons for voting

Well my last post was on the upcoming election. So keeping in line with that I decided to provide my reasoning for voting in this upcoming election. The most obvious reasons include:

* this being a historical election – the first real chance for an African American man to lead this nation
* people died ensuring all US citizens were allowed to vote; I simply can’t shun that ideology.

At any rate, here are 13 issues/concerns of mine that my candidate should support:

1. economy – tax cuts for the middle class; end tax breaks for companies outsourcing jobs overseas; increase minimum wages

2. education – reform the “No Child Left Behind” law; college credit incentives; we need to recruiting, preparing and retaining quality teachers; public school system needs to be improved

3. healthcare – better structuring of current healthcare system

4. fiscal – government spenders need to be held accountable and spending should be more efficient;

5. poverty – ex-offender programs, affordable housing for low incoming families; tax relief to low income families;

6. seniors: social security – protection needed for social security, affordable healthcare needed for seniors

7. immigration –secure borders; work with countries whose citizens migrate here; crack down on employers hiring illegal immigrants

8. veterans – provide better support, i. e. benefits to those returning from serving

9. improved judicial system

10. better aid for national disasters

11. we need a government we can trust and will take our thoughts and needs into consideration

12. our troops need to be home!


Who you think I’m voting for?

I am Laughing808 and I approve this message……..

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


MilesPerHour said...

I agree wholeheartedly on every one of your 13 points. I know who I'm voting for too!

Bryon said...

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