Executive Experience needed????

While watching TV last night a commercial came on. It was a spot paid for by the Republican Committee. The commercial stated something to the effect of experience being everything and that Barack Obama has never been any executive experience and do we really want someone who’s never been an executive of a company to be the next executive of our great nation.

Ok, so it got me to thinking………..point well taken. It makes sense. I know I want my hair done by someone that has a cosmetology license with some years of experience. And parents only considered experienced childcare providers to watch their kids. I mean of course we want someone with experience to handle business and make the much needed decisions that will keep this so called great nation alive and kicking.

But then, executives weren’t always executives right, they were new once. At some point in their lives they were wet behind the ears, snotty nosed rugrats right? So allow me to point our some real life examples where experience doesn’t necessarily mean the best decisions were not made.

Bush (current president) had 4 years of presidential experience and in the end of his second 4 years, what’s going on with this so called GREAT nation. Who did that, someone with 4 years of presidential experience.

The mortgage industry is run by executives, and that industry is in a serious crisis now. Who was greedy and decided that predatory lending was the way to go.

In the midst of one of the worse financial crisis this nation has experienced, AIG executives, huummmmm.......cried for help, once they got the help they celebrate by spending almost 450k at a spa with whom in attendance: EXECUTIVES

One more example, what about Enron. Was it not company executives that were brought up on a slew of charges for financial crimes? Nuff said…….

Lastly there’s a saying about the Ark being built by amateurs and the Titanic was built by professionals. But which one sank?

At this point, shouldn’t we consider someone with a vision to relieve the current national strafe, someone with change in mind.

Nov 4, rock your vote, make it count!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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