Today's Lunch

I didn't feel like bringing in the leftover pasta I had, nor did I feel up to leaving the office to go out and grab something. I have to be frank, chips and a soda more than twice a week just wont cut it for me. I had soup already this week so that was out and like wise for a slice of pizza.

So I look in my food drawer, yeah I know I'm corporate ghetto cause I have a food drawer at work, but the drawer had some minute rice I purchased 2 month or so ago. So I says to myself, self, why don't you have some rice.

It comes in a two pack and I paid about $3 for it. It heats up in about a minute. I actually purchased two packages, yellow rice and this one is long grain & wild rice mix. The yellow rice didn't make the cut and is probably the reason this one has sat in my drawer for so long. At any rate I'll let you know in a few how this one tastes.

Hope you have/had a tasty lunch!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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