No Homecoming for me……

I was all set to go to NSU’s homecoming the weekend of Oct 24. But a situation with my brother had me rethinking the road trip and then the friend who was supposed to take the 3 hour drive with me is experiencing a financial crisis of her own. There's goes that trip. Not that I was terribly upset, but it really has me thinking or rethinking my spending habits now.

Normally I’d make several trips to T.arget in one week. Well this week I haven’t been at all, or at least not yet. Let's see Monday after work I went to the grocery store, and then yesterday I went back to the grocery store. The total spent between those days amounted to less than $30 which is good considering the state of our economy.

And then to hear that the federal government bail out lead to AIG executives getting treated to a spa. Come on.........tax payers are continuously getting screwed by the government and this is just another example.

You see, I understand that times are hard and as a result I've cut back on some of the luxuries I was use to and yet I didn't get a bail out. And in contrast one company having received financial assistance from the federal government took that as a sign to mean it's back on easy street.

Am I the only one that sees the scale as off balance?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Nerd Girl said...

No ma'am you are not! I read somewhere that if the money being spent on the bailout had been distributed to every household instead that each household would receive at least a million dollars - a much better way to stimulate the economy in my eyes! I'd pay of every debt I have and surely buy up some stuff. That half million dollar retreat was just the straw that broke this camel's back.

Anyhoo, I feel you on the cutting back - Target has seen much less of my money lately than in time's past. And dinners out? All but a relic from day's past.

Thanks for the bday shout out - I'll be back. Have a good one!