God mommie again.....

I got an interesting call last night. My cell rings and I look to see who's calling and it's coming from my aunt's house. My hearts starts to beat a little faster, cause I'm thinking something is wrong. My aunt doesn't usually call me......at any rate it's my cousin. She asks what I was doing and wanted to ask me a question. Me being me and in the spirit of being a resource to all I encounter, I tell her to fire away. And wouldn't you know she asked me to be her daughter's Godmother..........my response, "I'd be honored to be the godmother"

Then I go on to ask why she didn't choose a girlfriend, to which she responded she didn't have many girlfriends and that the one girl that was supposed to, she hadn't heard from her since before the baby shower. I ask about the god father and it's some male friend of hers.

At any rate the baptism is tentatively scheduled for December 14 and at the same church I got married at. First up is finding a cute dress for her and a t-shirt that reads:

Have a great day!
Peace, Blessings and Laughs