Keeping the number………

My very first cell phone was a Christmas gift from my mother back in 1995. I was so psyched……..the phone was with S.print and early on I had major issues with them. Seems like every month I was on the phone with customer service having them recalculate my bill because I was charged for dropped calls and during times when I free minutes had kicked in.

Five years later I made the switch to V.erizon wireless. And I settled into their service quite nicely. To date I’ve only had to call and have my bill re-worked on two separate occasions, both my fault because I went over on my allowed minutes majorly.

At any rate, all this time I’ve had the very same number. Yep, I said I wouldn’t change my number because I wanted it to be stability to and for me. No matter how many times I changed physical address (4 since I got the phone) at least my family and friends could count on reaching me via my cell phone because the number has and is a constant.

Well imagine a pleasant surprise when a long lost friend calls me out of the blue this morning. She and I worked together at my very first part time job as a cashier at K.mart. Her and I became fast friends as we often worked the same schedule; Friday nights, all day Saturday and Sunday. We worked there for about 4 years and when we finally left we tried to keep in contact.

Eventually we lost contact, but then I walked into my local grocery store and guess who was there…..yep she was, so of course we exchange numbers again and promised to keep in contact for sure this time. Well after that encounter we actually lost contact two more times and then today’s call. And all because she found my number from one of our many encounters while packing to move.

So I have her cell and home numbers programmed in my cell. And thanks to VW backup assistant, which maintains a list of all my contacts on my phone virtually. I have it programmed to up date daily, in case I have to delete some people.

My friend still works a part time job as well as a full time job so us meeting to catch up will definitely be tricky. But I suggested we plan for next Friday after work. We’ll probably go grab a bite to eat and shoot the breeze.

Welcome back friend!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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kayellejaye said...

I've been w/ Sprint since '98. I've had minor issues with them, but I'm too scared to see if the grass is greener on other side. And I never want to lose my #!