Yesterday Evening/Morning happenings

After catching the train to get my car, I decided to run and return some shoes I purchased for my baby niece. Of course as soon as I got in the store the sales were calling me. Nevertheless I escape the trappings and just returned the shoes with no new purchase. But I had at least two more stops. I need some rollers. I’d read online that satin covered sponge rollers would give a curly yet bouncy look to my hair. So I was off to the Wal-Mart hoping they had the rollers in stock for a reasonable price. I got in the store and headed straight for the health & beauty section. And of course being the product junkie I am, I couldn’t just walk past the soap and body wash aisle. I won’t bore you with all the details, so long story short I found the rollers and grab a bottle of daily hair moisturizer and got out of the store. Last stop was the gas station. And then I was home chilling ready to watch some TV.

Seeing as though I didn’t bother to iron anything to wear last night, this morning I was in a rush to find something to wear that needed little to no ironing in an attempt to get to work on time. And now I’m here at work and lunch time is looming near.

Hope your morning is going well.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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