Fall registration

In this post I listed the course options I have for the fall semester. Well I finally registered and here are the two classes I registered for:

ACCT 411: Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 311. Analysis and discussion of issues relating to ethics and professionalism in accounting. The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and the reasoning, philosophy, and application of that code are examined.

ACCT 436: Internal Auditing (3) Prerequisite: ACCT 311. An introduction to internal auditing, its rapid growth, and its role in the modern corporation. Topics include internal auditing standards, scope, responsibilities, ethics, controls, techniques, and reporting practices. Consideration is given to the material included in the Certified Internal Auditor examination. Various techniques are used to study internal auditing theory and practice; these may include the use of problem sets, case studies, computer applications, and other materials.

I’m leaning more towards the internal auditing course. Since I got a B in the regular auditing class it would make sense to follow up with this course. Not too mention I’m sure this course would help me when I sit for the CPA exam.

Both classes start September 8 and run through December 14, which is about 13 weeks. I’m use to 16 week classes, but these are my options so I’m gonna have to make through. I can’t afford financially nor mentally to take both courses so I need to decide which one. The syllabus won’t be available for either class until Monday, and I plan to use that in determining which class to take. (I don’t want to take a class where the professor attempts to cram 16 weeks of learning into 13 weeks of class.) And payment is due Monday as well, so I'll have to make time on Monday to review all the information and make the final decision.

I’ve already looked into purchasing the book for internal auditing. The online intro from the professor provides a link to a website for purchasing the book, and it’s 105. I’ve checked around and e-bay has one auction for it that is now up to 86, and then amazon has the book as well for 105 but with free shipping. And UMUC online bookstore has the book used for 78.75.

The book for the ethics class is available used at UMUC online bookstore for 59.50. Amazon has it new for 76.45, but they are out of stock. Allbookstores.com has the book new for 84.95 and ebay doesn’t have it at all.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Opinionated Diva said...

that class sounds like it's going to really keep you busy...even though it's a shorter than you're used to.

good luck!

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