What did I do?

As my work winds down, I'm trying to figure out what I did today. Seems I looked up and it was lunch time and now it's almost time to get out of here. I did a little work, but that was only within the past hour or so.

I worked on a family tree for my father's side. Rewind, I did a small portion of a family tree. It included my father's mother, her kids and then their kids and so forth. It was interesting. At first it was aggravating, because I couldn't figure out how to get it done in MS Word. Then I though it would be easier if done in MS Excel. Well I did a search and something came back for MS Powerpoint. So I prepared it in both Powerpoint and Word. After playing around in Powerpoint I figure out what I needed to do in Word. So I'm eager to share that with my cousin and aunt Sunday when we meet again to fine tune the plans for our cookout in a few weeks.

Oh yeah, I did little research for table and chair rentals and goodie bags for the kids. Cool, I was abit productive today. Now I can rest easy, knowing that I was much of a slacker today.

Tomorrow I need to type up the notes taken at our meeting yesterday. They suggested I be the secretary.....go figure.......I don't like that title....so they then suggested Administrative Assistant.........naw,that didn't work either. Besides who am I the administrative assistant to? Well I informed them that my official title would be Technical Advisor. Yeah sounds prestigious but all I'll do is the administrative/secretary tasks, research and other detailed tasks. My aunt will be more of the coordinator and the treasurer.......I won't say anything........and my cousin will be the chairperson???? Yeah ok, whatever floats their boats.

At any rate, my supervisor just left, so I can stop playing like I'm busy and commence to slacking.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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