FREAKIN OUT..........

I am damn near in tears right about now.......I'm so dang on furious it doesn't make any sense. I just checked my grade for the summer class I just completed and the official grade I was given is "FN". Yeah, side look is what I had as well. So I call the school and get ahold of someone in student advisment and was told that "FN" stands for failure due to none attendance. Yet another side look. So of course I'm shaking as I send my professor this e-mail:

Professor, I just checked my final grade and it states that I received a "FN" which means failure for no attandance. I'm not sure why this grade is my final grade and would like your assistance in understanding the grade I received from you for this past summer's class in Auditing. My class portfolio is complete with grades from every week's conference participation and homwork assignment's as well as the other projects assigned.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

So I am nervously awaiting a response.......there has got to be a mix up.......I'm gonna try to calm down as I might know how this occurred. My online classroom has my maiden name, where as the school records have my married name. And to my credit, all assignments I submitted for grading had both my maiden and married name............so why.........

I sincerely hope this is the case and it is resolved quickly........cause I can't handle things like this.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


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