Weekend recap

Here’s the list of items I needed to get done this weekend with notes:

->WASH CLOTHES......I need to get at least 4 loads done - *I washed and dried three loads, not bad but I’ll need to get another load done during the week*
->wash and style hair - *done, but didn’t last so I’ll be sporting a pony tail for the next 2-3 days*
->floral arrangement for cousin - *done and delivered to my aunts house for my cousin to pick up*
->mail pictures and ribbon to aunt in Cali - *nada, I’ll have to get his done during the week*
->iron clothes for the work week - *heck naw, hence my being late this morning, I’ll have to get this done tonight*
->return book to the library - *heck naw, I need to check to make sure the book isn’t over due*
->clean and organize second room - * heck naw, maybe this weekend I can get around to it*

So Saturday I pretty much lounged around all dang on day long doing nada, until I got a call to decide where to meet up with the girls. We decided on Outback. And we caught up on the happenings with each other. And made plans to meet to see the new Tyler Perry movie next month. We also said we have to get together at least every three months to catch up.

Yesterday I met with my aunt and cousin to start planning a family reunion. We are going to do it August 2009. But in the mean time and between time we are going to get together in a few weeks for a cookout. To let the family know we are trying to re-connect and rebuild the foundation of this being a strong family. Then I went to visit my mother in law. We had a nice chat without the mister rushing me. And once back home I didn’t do much, but read blogs, surf the net and watch TV. Spike TV premiered a good show last night. S. I. S. which stands for Special Investigation Service.

Well let me get to work……..have a good day.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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