Weekend Recap

I’ll have to begin from most recent and work back……

Yesterday was my family dinner. A few months back I mentioned that with my grandmother’s (paternal) passing, we started a family committee to coordinate family events aiming to keep my grandmother’s memory alive and rebuild our family foundation. And from that we had a really mini summer gathering back in September and then yesterday was our sorta Thanksgiving dinner. Most of the family was in attendance, with the exception of one of my brothers, who was home sick. We had a good time, food and some dancing. I’ll post a few pics of the food and the cake I made later on this evening.

Saturday I had errands to run. Here’s the list of tasks I had to complete:

*Aunt C – drop off paperwork for Cousin R, set up spreadsheet for family dues, pick up Cousin S for chit chat
*Cousin T – drop off pies and facility paperwork
*Library – pickup items on hold
*Target – cupcake carrier, frosting
*grocery store – string beans, broccoli, chicken broth
*Friend B – pick up croc pot

After completing 5 of those, I settled for borrowing a croc pot from my mother in law since she lived closer and it was a 25 minute ride to my friend’s house.
I was home by 7:30 and started my baking assignments. I was making a red velvet cake and cupcakes and mini cheesecakes. My feet were aching by the time I called it a night.

15 minutes before I was set to leave work Friday an e-mail was sent out to the company regarding departmental coverage for voting tomorrow and a reminder for the upcoming holidays with regard to office closures.

Overall I had a cool weekend. My feet are aching from my prolonged walking and standing, but it was worth it to see my family.

Hope you had a good weekend and happy Monday to ya!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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