Nose in the air

For the better part of the day, I’ve been walking around with my nose in the air. Why, might you ask……well I smell change. The very same change that has been brewing since Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President. And last night, well it was solidified when he was announced the elected president. So yeah, my nose is in the air.

You see I had and gave excuse after excuse for me being a slacker. I wasn’t too serious about things as I should have. I should have pressed forward and harder. Yet, I got complacent and procrastination became the name of my game. But yesterday’s victory will serve to drive me to greater heights and unimaginable success. I always knew the sky was the limit, but Barack serves as tangible evidence that there are NO limits to what and who we can become and achieve.

So from this point going forward, NO EXCUSES!

No more saying: but, can’t, don’t, or won’t……..……those words should be buried from our vocabulary.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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