My Polling place and stuff

To record this historical moment, I took my camera with me to the polling place to capture some pictures...........

This is the sign leading to my polling place:

This is the beginning of the line:

Seems, folks started lining up at 5 am..........Mister arrived at 6:45, I got there about 7:15.

This is the first sign as you get closer:

You are close at this point:

Signs up on the doors just before you enter:

As you can see the sign prohibits the use of celluar phones.........slim behind us had a wireless earpiece in and was on the phone when we got in area.......poll workers had to tell him he couldn't talk on the phone!

The last sign before entering building:

Overall, not a bad experience..........my feet are aching from the standing, but it was worth it.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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